Why Play for HAWKS

We make our players better

We make our coaches better

We make our teams better

Our success on the lacrosse field is 100% because of our hard work, and our commitment to each other. As a program, we push our players and coaches, and demand greatness from them in all aspects of their game – mental, physical, and off the field.

The results speak for themselves. Our teams were the single most successful program in HOCO, the most competitive spring league in the country. The Hawks had 5 teams play in Championship games. The Hawks won 4 of the 6 Championships of the most competitive divisions, with no other team winning more than one. Over the 2018 Summer, the Annapolis Hawks won 10 Championships while playing in the most competitive tournaments in the country.

How do we achieve these results – with a relentless pursuit of perfection. Great players and great coaches are not born, they are developed and crafted over time. It is easy to be good, Hawks aspire to be Great!

For the Player;

  • Off season skill sessions – by position, by age, and focused to improve the players individual skills.
  • Strength & Conditioning program for our 8th grade – High School programs.
  • Fall tournaments, Winter Indoor, and early spring tournaments to prepare teams for the rigors of the Spring HOCO season.
  • A robust and demanding summer tournament schedule that pushes teams to compete at the highest level. Our teams travel the country to find the best competition.
  • A dedicated goalie coaching program that has produced some of the best players in the country.
  • A dedicated FO coaching program for our older teams.


For the Coach;

  • We hire proven coaches with college lacrosse experience. Lacrosse knowledge is critical, but character is an absolute requirement. We then train those coaches and monitor their performance on a weekly basis. Coaches are monitored, developed, and provided rigid instruction. Just because you can play, does not mean you can coach!
  • Our coaches have over 50 videos and instructional material provided to them through HoganLax. All of our coaches receive professional coaching instruction.
  • The Hawks are a large organization, and that size provides us with vast resources to help coaches solve specific on and off field issues with their teams. Coaches workshop player challenges, game strategy, and team development.
  • Coaches are matched with their teams in August during try-outs. Those teams stay together for an entire year – forming a remarkable bond as a unit. 


At the Hawks we have standards, and those standards are not flexible.

  • All Hawks players will put their team first.
  • We demonstrate great sportsmanship at all times.
  • Becoming a better player and a teammate takes hard work, and as a Hawk we commit ourselves to that journey.
  • Our youngest teams focus on the fundamentals that it takes to become a great lacrosse player – stickwork, teamwork, and effort.
  • All of our high school teams have a staff of at least 3 coaches. One member of that staff is a former college coach. These coaching staffs teach our players the most advanced aspects of the game.


Becoming an Annapolis Hawk is not easy. It is a challenge that is not for all youth lacrosse players. We aspire to produce the best lacrosse players in the country.


Go Hawks!