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  • Online Store payment is by credit card. You will be asked for payment information upon checkout.
  • Online orders will be available for pickup upon notice, or we can ship.  We willl call you with shipping costs once we send.
  • Upon request we may mail ordered items to you, a fee is asscoicated with the mailing.
  • If you have questions please call Teresa, 410-224-3232, or email her


Some items, Gray Hoodies, some sweatpants, some shorts, will be back in the office for delivery or pickup on November 8.

You can order them now, we will ship when they are available. If you choose to pick up, we can let you know when your order is ready.

Thank you for your patience

2022 Gray Hoody

These should be available November 1

BUY $45

2022 White Tee

BUY $25

2022 Black Hoody

Adult Sizes Only

BUY $45

2022 Game Shorts

BUY $25.00


BUY $27.96

Hawk Back Pack

BUY $35.00

2021 Uniform Hoodie.

BUY $45.00

Black Sweatshirt

BUY $45.00

Black Hoody Tee

BUY $25.00

Cascade Helmet: Youth S, in Stock at office

Decals sold separately

Youth $235, Youth Goalie $305

Helmet Decal

BUY $25.00

Hawks Vertical Gray Tee

BUY $25.00

2021 Uniform T-Shirt

BUY $25.00

2021 Winter Hat

BUY $25.00

LIDS White Canvas Hat

BUY $25.00




Hawks UA Official Visor

Buy $25.00

2020 Tonal Tee

BUY $12.00

2020 Bar Tee

BUY $12.00

Hawks Legend Caps

BUY $10.00