Scott Burnam named as 2030 Head Coach

The Hawks are very fortunate to add Scott Burnam, a past college coach and National Team coach to the coaching staff.

Most importantly Scott is a teacher and loves the game.


2027 Wins Summer Exposure

2024 Black Wins 2024 Shootout

2024 Green Wins 2024 Invitational

2029 Bay Bridge Brawl

2027 wins Young Guns

2026 wins North American

2024 Black wins Bay Bridge Brawl

2023 wins North American

2025 Black wins Bay Bridge Brawl

The HAWKS Win Championships.

Summer 2019

Hawks win championships

2023 Hawks Naptown National Challenge Champions

2026 wins North American Championship

Hawks 2022 win North American Tournament

2026 Hawks win Summer Invitational Championship

Hawks 2026 win NLF Opening Weekend Tournament

Hawks 2028 Black win Bay Bridge Brawl

Hawks 2026 capture Naptown National Challenge Championship

Hawks 2023 win Crab Feast Tournament

Hawks 2028 win Crab Feast Tournament

Hawks 2027 wins Young Guns Championship

HoCo 2019

All 7 Hawk teams in playoffs

All 7 Hawks earn playoff spots
5 of them played in Championship Game
Hawks win 3 Championships in highest division
There are 6 Divisions in HoCo, Hawks won 3 of them

2026 HoCo Champions in 2019 Season

2027 HoCo Champions 2019 Season

2025 HoCo Champions in 2019 Season

Why Play For the Hawks

Click HERE to read Why you should play for the Hawks.

Hawks by the Numbers 2018

HoCo League Play

7 Teams in the League
6 of those teams in the most competitive Division
7 Teams play in Semi-Finals for Championship
5 Teams play in Championship game
4 Teams capture Championship
4 of 6, Hawks capture Championships in 4 of 6 of the most competitive Divisions 

Parent Comment


 I have been thinking about emailing you at some point to tell you how grateful we are for this Hawks program.  It has been a huge difference maker in our son.  He has matured, embraced dedication, and learned some invaluable life skills. We feel blessed that he has the opportunities that only your program can provide.  I could go on and on about the incredible character of all coaches and teammates.

Hawks and HoCo Success


Hawks win 3 Championships during HoCo league play in 2017.

No other club won more than 1.

Hawks play in 5 Championships: 2026 and 2024 Green play in Championship game.

5 of 9 teams play in Semi-Finals. 3 of 4 teams who missed playoffs missed by 1 game 

Hawks 2022 Wins Naptown National Challenge

Hawks 2027 Wins Summer Exposure

Hawks 2023 Wins LaxClash in Long Island

Hawks 2021 Black Wins Nova Shootout

Hawks 2023 Wins NAL

Hawks 2023 Wins Hoco

Hawks 2024 Green Wins NLF

Hawks 2022 Wins HoCo

Hawks 2026 Wins Hoco

Hawks 2027 Wins Hoco

2018 Wins Naptown National Challenge

2025 Wins Young Guns

2024 Wins Young Guns

2023 Wins Young Guns

2022 Wins Young Guns

2026 Wins Bay Bridge Brawl

2020 Wins IMLCA

2022 Wins HoCo Championship

2021 Black Wins HoCo Championship

2025 Wins HoCo Championship

2025 Wins CHILL Championship in 2017

2022 Hawks GOALS Champions in 2017

Hawks 2018 wins the Naptown National Challenge!

Coach Hutchinson kisses the trophy at the 2016 Naptown National Challenge.

Annapolis Hawks 2020 AA Division Beach Lax Champions

Hawks 2023 Hershey Champions.

Hawks 2022 Young Guns champions.

Big 12 All Stars

Left to right Logan Falconetti, Ryan Jones, Brad Santore, BJ Burlace earn spots on the Big 12 All Star Team.


Garrett Nilsen NXT's Fab 40 All Star

Hawks 2022 goes 3-0 in Play Day

Hawks have wins over FCA, Team 91 NY (Smash), and Team 91 MD.

Way to go boys

2019 Green goes 4-0 in MD Fall Classic

Hawks capture wins over LA Heat, CNY Roadhawks, LI Express North, NXT

2018 Green goes 2-0-1 at MD Fall Classic

Hawks have wins over LA Heat and Iron Horse and ended the day with a tie vs Mesa Fresh.

Fall Brawl

Hawks go 18-3-3 on the day

Good day to be a Hawk

Hawks on High

Song written and performed by 2020 Hawk Zak Oehlerking.  Zak on the song, "I enjoyed writing this song because it combines my two loves, lacrosse and music. I dedicate this song to my favorite team, the best teammates and friends - the 2022 Annapolis Hawks."

First weekend a true success: 500+ Players attend tryouts

As important as the quantity was the quality of the player in attendance

Hawks excited about the future with continued increase in tryout numbers and quality of the players.

Future is bright with the Hawks

2016 Wins National Tournament King of the Hill

2020 Green Wins Hershey

2020 Green Wins Maryland Invitational

2021 Green Wins Maryland Invitational

2019 Black Wins Trilogy Baltimore

2019 Green Wins Summer Exposure

2021 Black 2015 HoCo Champions

HAWKS have NPYLL Success

All 7 Teams make Semi-Finals

6 of 7 Make Championship Game

2020 Green and 2018 Black Capture NPYLL Championships

Great spring for the Hawks

2020 Green NPYLL U13A Champions

2018 Black U15A Champions

I can't tell you how much we all enjoyed our experience last year with the Hawks!! It was the first time our son EVER received position specific training, and he's become a better player because of it.

I wanted you to know that we spent the weekend beginning the college process for our son. It is a journey no doubt. But with his goal to play at the next level, I now have a better understanding of the advantages Hawks will bring to his life. The Brand has already helped us with a few contacts and that's without using the resources of the club yet.

We are looking forward to a new season with an organization that has a great reputation and our son looks forward to the increased level of play.

These last two Fall tournaments were my first experience with the Hawks program. It was a great time!!  The parents were very welcoming and cordial to the newcomers before, during and after the games at the tent. His teammates were also were welcoming and encouraging.


BJ Burlace (left), Will Tominovich (center), Alex Wicks (right)

Whether it is indoor, NPYLL, or summer tournaments the HAWKS captured 15 Championships this year.  Most importantly our players improved and grew as individuals.  Our slogan for 2013 was "More than Lacrosse."  Though we do a lot of lacrosse, from fall Skill Sessions, Fall Ball, indoor(HILL), Winter Skills, winter pratices inside, NPYLL(Spring League), and various summer tournaments, we like to focus on developing the young person on and off the field.  Having them accept responsibility: represent themselves, their family, and the program; and behave in a positive manner are all important lessons we strive to teach out players.

Tryout Registration is NOW OPEN... click here to register online.

HAWKS and Toys for Tots

Ty Ruland and Marine in front of Hawk Collection of toys

Hawks and HILL participants collect 2 boxes of toys for Toys for Tots program.

Thank you to all of those who participated.

Hawks 2018 Gait Cup Champions.